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League Table

The link below will take you to the official government Schools and Colleges Performance Table. However, in order to use the table effectively you will need to:

  1. Select 16 to 18 performance on the top menu
  2. Ensure you have selected A Level performance in the drop down menu where it says
    Looking at.
  3. Click on Show filters and select the appropriate category of schools you are interested in. Generally this should be Academy. You may also wish to include Independent Schools. When you have finished selecting the appropriate filters click on Hide Filters.
  4. Sort the results by descending Average Result Point Score (6th column from the left) or Achieving AAB or higher in at least 2 facilitating subjects (8th column from the left).

This will now produce a meaningful table showing the top performing schools in descending order. The link below has done all of these steps for you with the following selections:

  • Only Academy selected
  • Sorted by descending Achieving AAB or higher in at least 2 facilitating subjects

Official Government Schools and Colleges Performance Table


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